News of Gambling - new media partner of RACE

News of Gambling - new media partner of RACE

Affiliate programs for gambling firmly hold position of the most profitable way of earning for webmasters. However, a huge number of offerings on the market require analysis and finding reliable affiliate programs owners.

At RACE Conference this market segment will be discussed within affiliate gambling section, where speakers will talk about new tools to increase traffic and attract customers, and will analyze existing affiliate programs.

News of Gambling, new media partner of RACE will provide media support and current information on the state of online casino industry.

To date, information resource News of Gambling is one of the largest gambling-themed news aggregators in RuNet and it fully covers all significant and interesting events of gaming industry.

Moreover, News of Gambling offers great analytics of global gambling market and of the most successful areas in the field of gambling affiliate programs webmasters shall count on.

More information about development of affiliate gambling programs - at RACE Conference.

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