Some myths about Yandex.Direct platforms deactivation

Some myths about Yandex.Direct platforms deactivation

Yandex.Direct has a function with the help of which advertisers can get rid of ads on particular Internet platforms. A range of reasons is hidden behind adverts deactivation. Look at the following myths given by Yandex team concerning advertisers’ way of thinking and possible outcomes of such changes.

Myth 1: online platforms that must be deactivated

There exist so-called ineffective platforms. In most of cases, they display a range of common lists on various topics. Usually, these ones are deactivated by advertisers since today the system is more user oriented. In order to make different advertising offers to a person, the system uses about 15 types of targeting. Also, it is capable of detecting a decrease in interest to a particular topic. Having analyzed a great amount of data, the system offers the most convenient advertising solutions on the particular website at the certain time.

Banning of ads on the universal lists may lead to the target audience loss.

Myth 2: traffic is a rarity on some platforms

Poor traffic is a commonplace on different entertaining online platforms, online dating services, blogs and forums. Even novice advertisers don’t use these websites for fear of inappropriate expenses.

Automatic quality control of conversions and clicks appeared on Yandex a year ago. It defines the possibility of a law conversion rate in advance and reduces the price for each click, which is an important element of algorithms for inappropriate expenses prevention.

Deactivation has more pros than cons

It is not always reasonable to deactivate platforms before launching ads. They should be eliminated during the optimization of the advertising campaign.

Contextual advertising experts look into not only the click-through rate but also the conversion: quantity, average cost, payoff and much more.

Only solid statistics and negative tendencies can be the reasons for the platform deactivation.

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