Is it allowed to advertise gambling in Russia?

Is it allowed to advertise gambling in Russia?

This question troubles many businessmen and owners of gambling business. As it is very difficult to promote and monetize a casino, online slot or drawing without advertising.

Article 27 of the Federal law “On advertising” contains a section that highlights the issue of advertising games and wagers based on a risk. Let’s review it in more detail.

What kind of gambling advertisements are allowed?

It appears that it is allowed to advertise gambling in Russia, but it has to be done in compliance with several requirements.

Thus, promotional material has to contain accurate information about the date of drawing or wagering. It is also necessary to specify the link to the external source in the advertisement or to provide detailed information about the terms of conducting of the drawing: rules for participants, sum of the prize pool, the number of possible winnings and prizes, date of announcement of winners, time limits, procedure and terms of obtaining the prizes.

The law specifies where such kind of advertising can be distributed:

  • it can be broadcasted on radio and television only between 22:00 and 07:00 local time;
  • advertisements are allowed in the places for conducting of wagering and drawings, in gambling zones and betting shops;
  • in printed specialized publications for participants and organizers of gambling activities, located on the territory of gambling zones.

What an advertisement of wagering or drawing must not contain in any case?

There are definite restrictions related to advertising of gambling. It is necessary to always take them into consideration before the launch of the advertising campaign.

It is forbidden to address to under-age individuals or use images of people and animals in the advertisement of wagering or drawing. Also, such material must not:

  • create the impression that gambling is one of the guaranteed ways to make money;
  • claim that participation in this activity will allow achieving success in career or sports;
  • criticize those people who do not participate in the drawing;
  • provide certificates of the participant of wagering/drawing, who has not received his winnings.

In fact, all terms and conditions of advertising of games of chance and wagering are stated in the Federal law “On advertising” (art. 27) in great detail. But if you are launching an advertising campaign for gambling business for the first time, it would be better to consult lawyers first.

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