Contest for webmasters and hyperlocal targeting: recent events

Contest for webmasters and hyperlocal targeting: recent events

Why Black Friday is not taking root in Russia, how to increase sales with the help of Odnoklassniki and how to set up hyperlocal targeting – read in our review.

Odnoklassniki offers selling in social communities

Odnoklassniki social media has officially introduced a possibility to sell goods and services through communities. In fact, developers offer common advertising posts that must be moderated by community’s administration. In the future, there are plans to add new capabilities and integrate with Youla service from Group.

Audience.Yandex offers hyperlocal targeting

Now Audience.Yandex allows setting up geo targeting not only by cities but also by fine locations of small radius – from 500 m to 10 km. When creating a segment, you can choose:

  • people that are present in the specified location now;

  • those who go there regularly;

  • those who went there in the specific period of time.

A segment will be formed when at least 1000 users are defined. In the future, apart from contextual advertising, hyperlocations will be also available to media campaigns in Display.Yandex.

Russian-style Black Friday

Black Friday first arrived in Russia 6 years ago, but has not gained so much popularity as its American analogue. And there are reasons for that.

Geektimes user, nicknamed Pozhiratel, has revealed that 28% of discounts on Aliexpress were forged and 48.5% – insignificant. RuNet users also complained about other retailers, including local ones, which offered artificially high prices before sales.

Service for deleting personal information from the web

Swedish developers launched the service for quick deleting of personal information from the Internet. offers the list of all accounts in all social networks, which you have ever registered. Afterwards, you can delete one or all at once in one click.

Nevertheless, there are several “buts”. The service really allows saving time, but is intended for global social networks – it is unlikely that it will find accounts in Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki. Besides that, the service is connected to Gmail, and if you used another mail address, you will have to return to individual search.

AMarkets announced the “Hot winter” contest

Company announced the “Hot winter” contest, where webmasters can win a holiday package. It will be held from November 14 to January 31. You can learn about the details and leave an application for participation on the official website of AMarkets.

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