How to choose the right affiliate program

How to choose the right affiliate program

Choosing the right offer will help to add the profit column and avoid negative arbitration experience. Here are 6 tips on how to find the right offer.

  1. Talk to the network manager

CPA networks managers often get their share of webmasters interest and that is why they are interested in your success. Ask the manager about conversion offers. Such communication will be useful in any case, because it is a chance to get insider information.

  1. Check the mobile version of landing

Mobile traffic has already exceeded the desktop one in terms of volume, that is why your landing should have a compatible layout or a mobile version. In the second case, use the TDS to distribute traffic among required pages.

  1. Test offer in several affiliate programs

The same offer performs conversion differently in different CPA networks. This is explained by the statistics peculiarities or it may turn out to be fraud on the part of the affiliate program or advertiser. The difference may reach 15-20%.

  1. Talk to the call center operators

Before starting to work with the offer, leave an application and check the work of the call-center: how soon they contact you, how profound the operator’s knowledge about the product will be and so on. You may face an aggressive upsell (selling additional products), which will lower the percentage of confirmed bids.

  1. Ask about offer’s action period

Find out if the offer works stably or it is continuously switched off. This information can be shared by the manager, or you can search for it in the affiliate network news section. If the advertiser is not able to support the work of the offer, there is a risk of losing your entire budget.

  1. Specify the optimal payout amount

Offers with insignificant payouts (installs or registration) ensure much better conversion. They are suitable for beginners as they help to learn how to work with different sources of traffic, analytics, etc. Then you can switch to the commodity offers. It is more difficult to work with them, but the payouts are higher.

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