How to increase conversion rate by means of AdWords additional links

How to increase conversion rate by means of AdWords additional links

There are many ways of enhancing a website’s conversion rate by using AdWords tools. Today we’re going to review one of the most useful ones – sitelinks or additional links.

According to Google’s representatives, the usage of sitelinks boosts CTR almost by 20% because this extension allows getting users interested in appealing offers and useful content. However, it is important to learn how to properly use the tool of additional links that is to write correct headlines.

What are sitelinks?

Sitelinks are additional links which occur under the main text advertisement. The tool lets users see pages of the website and enter them by clicking the link.

For sitelinks no to be used for direct advertisement of the website, Google imposes a number of restrictions on the extension:

  • the headline should have no more than 25 symbols;
  • the text can’t be promotional but it should refer to particular website’s content;
  • there should be no punctuation marks in links;
  • trade names should be used properly;
  • the headline should have no key words or phrases.

How to write correct headlines for sitelinks

If the website has correct headlines of sitelinks it can significantly enlarge sales. Nevertheless, according to the representative of CPC Strategy Lewis Brannon, it is important to focus not on eloquence of the link but on the benefit the offer can bring to a potential buyer. If additional links are correct, the client will make a multi-item purchase.

For instance, the main link takes a customer to the main category “Jeans” and additional links – to appropriate subcategories “Women’s jeans”, “Kids Jeans”, etc. Taking into account current trends, one can create sitelinks with a definite product, for example, “Levi’s 501 Jeans”.

If you need to attract clients’ attention to a sale, the link should have a unique headline and take a customer to the landing page with information about the sale. Otherwise, the client will not find necessary information and close the page.

To sum up, while writing headlines for sitelinks it is vital to:

  1. Follow the rules of correct usage of AdWords additional links.
  2. Create unique and special headlines which correspond with users’ interests and needs.
  3. Make sure that the content of the landing page coincides with the link’s text.
  4. Be extremely accurate while forming the headlines of categories’ and subcategories’ links.
  5. Advertise particular products in a corresponding general category. 
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