How to create a proper landing page?

How to create a proper landing page?

A lander, a landing page, a lead capture page or a destination page – names can be different but the main idea stays the same: it is one of the most important aspects of the advertising campaign. The one who wants to create it should know marketing tools, user psychology and be good at copyrighting. So, what do you need to have on your lander to ensure high conversion?

Contact information

Place your contact information in a header. Users have more trust to the websites with the information about people to contact in case of questions. If there’s no such information, it can serve as a constraining factor.

Online chat

Chatting online is gaining in popularity since users prefer to ask questions in a more simple way and without paying for telephone calls. It is much more convenient to do it right on the website. Online chat is a wonderful solution for the landing page. It should also be taken into consideration that users want to get an answer as soon as possible.


Place feedbacks about your company on the lander. Show positive comments as well as negative ones. Good comments only will make users think about the company deleting bad feedbacks. Such a section on the landing page can help gain trust of much more clients.

Orders without registration

Few customers want to complete registration procedures, especially if they have already decided to buy a product. Moreover, everyone supposes that his/her email will be loaded with spam, which is partially true. Making a purchase without registration can substantially increase conversion.

Appropriate sliders

If you want to use sliders, you should take into account time for reading. It should be no less than 5 seconds. Otherwise, a slider will turn into a flickering carousel. It is even better to make it static with 4-5 sliders and a graphically marked opportunity to switch them over.


The landing page should have a clear and understandable heading that explains the idea of an offer. The majority of users will read it and won’t pay attention to anything else. Make sure that the heading isn’t long – around 65 symbols. The page will be ranked in search engines depending on these words.


Catch users with subheaders. It is important to get customers interested in them. Subheaders should contain main information and appeal for an action.


A structured list with numeration works very well. Clients are not interested in reading lots of text. They prefer to learn the main idea that should be included in the list.

Graphics and video

Visual elements are as important. Juicy and interesting images can retain users on the page even if they don’t like the text. A short video will also prolong time of visiting the website. It can show advantages of your offer.

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