How to make e-commerce website trustworthy: 11 practical tips

How to make e-commerce website trustworthy: 11 practical tips

Just in few seconds after visiting the website, users decide whether it is trustworthy and safe for shopping. How to make good first impression? We offer 11 practical tips.

  1. Choose right domain name

Let's say you sell products for weight loss. Choosing something like as domain name is not the best solution. This name sounds like spam. Your domain name should contain the name of your product or brand, rather than product description.

  1. Create high-quality and professional design

Today there are many available features and tools for the creation of good UI, so low-quality site has no right to exist.

Try to avoid:

  • paragraphs typed with caps lock;
  • comic-sans font;
  • disseminated stock photos;
  • excessive number of elements.

Compare websites and decide which of them will you choose for buying something?

Профессиональный дизайн сайта


  1. Add personality

Show visitors, who is behind the company and brand. For example, place your photo on the main page (if you are selling books or train courses designed by you), or create eye-catching and informative “About” page.

  1. Reduce the amount of ad

Advertising can bring additional profit, but the price is users’ trust. The amount of advertising should be reduced to a minimum, especially in pop-up windows – pop-ups. The website should not look spammed. Nothing should interfere with your communication with potential buyers.

  1. Prove shopping safety

Use secure HTTPS protocol. Get it for free with the help of Let's Encrypt service. Add security badges to your website – they will confirm the reliability of payments.


Сертификаты безопасности покупок через интернет

If your site is included into rankings of Google, Facebook or other authoritative resources, it should be also specified on the page, as well as partner’s logo and other badges and marks.

  1. Simplify feed back

Your contact information should be specified on each page of the website – for example, in the navigation menu above. For the convenience of users provide multiple communication channels: phone, email, Skype or feedback form on the site. If you have a physical office, you can indicate its address on the map.

The most important thing is response time. All incoming questions and complaints are to be responded very quickly.

  1. Provide guarantees

Nothing wins user trust better than money back guarantee. If you have such an option, specify it on the website.

  1. Announce yourself using social media

Managing groups in social media is the best way to announce yourself. Constantly updated pages can be a perfect platform for promo offers. SMM allows two goals to be achieved: to build up trust relations with customers and attract traffic to the website.

  1. Update website regularly

It is referred not only to the news section. Keep an eye on the relevancy of contact information, delivery conditions, goods description, etc.

  1. Make 404 page user-friendly

Error messages on the website annoy; try to wear off such an impression with the help of user-friendly 404 page. You can post there a photo of your team or an image of system administrator, focusing on problem solving, and references to other website sections that can be interesting for users.

  1. Add photos of goods in the real world

Initially, it concerns online shops. All users fear that ordered goods will differ from those demonstrated on photos. To dispel their doubts, add several photos of goods and place them in their actual environment.

Фото товара в реальном окружении

It would be even better to post video or 360° photo of goods.

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