How to solve all advertisers’ issues in mobile sector. Interview with RACE speaker

How to solve all advertisers’ issues in mobile sector. Interview with RACE speaker

Less and less time is left to the RACE conference. We talked to one of speakers, Ruslan Kuvaev, CEO of BYYD mobile advertising platform, about the role of mobile programmatic and advantages of using mobile advertising platforms.

Interview: RACE

Speaker: Ruslan Kuvaev (R.K.)

RACE: Mobile programmatic – what is it and what place does it occupy on today’s advertising market? How new is this phenomenon?

R.K.: Mobile programmatic is an advertising purchase automated system on mobile devices, allowing to choose the target audience accurately using targeting.

Nowadays, mobile programmatic holds stronger and stronger positions in the brand strategy. It is no longer a new tool for most major advertisers. The growth of its share on the advertising market is related to the switch of the brand audience to mobile channel.

RACE: How did the idea of mobile advertising platform development leap in your mind?

R.K.: Although the advertising technology market is overfull of solutions, they are complicated and frequently based on desktop technologies concepts. We have decided to develop a product that will be designed specially for mobile advertising and will be simple and clear for advertisers. And we have done that: a comprehensive mobile advertising platform, BYYD, solves all advertisers’ issues in mobile sector: from planning and developing of creative ideas to analytics.

RACE: What are the mobile advertising opportunities for customers using your platform?

R.K.: Our platform allows customers to purchase mobile advertising traffic all over the world in the most popular mobile formats: video, native ad, Rich Media, and banners. Clients can choose mobile channels to get their message across to users.

Our team supports all clients in engaging advertising preparations. Then we show them where the advertisement can be found and how efficient it is based on internal and external analytics.

RACE: What are you going to tell about at the RACE conference?

R.K.: Despite the fact that mobile programmatic is not a new tool on the advertising market, many people still have questions on how to work with it. We will discuss all details of mobile programmatic at RACE. We will also dispel a myth about mobile programmatic and give tips on its use based on our own cases.

You will be able to hear Ruslan Kuvaev’s report on 7 October. He will speak at the RACE conference within the section for advertisers.

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