How to reactivate the subscribers of email lists

How to reactivate the subscribers of email lists

Sooner or later inactive subscribers who do not open your letters occur in any email database. In this article we are telling you how to reengage them in the process of communication.

Why is reactivation important?

Its necessity is determined by two factors.

First of all, it is the cost of database operations. Mailing list services charge users depending on the number of clients in the database. To send letters to inactive subscribers means just to lose money.

Secondly, it is crucial not to get into spam list. If the majority of your letters aren’t opened, Yandex, Google and other email hosting services can mark all your messages as spam.

5 efficient methods of reactivation

  1. Segment the list of subscribers regularly

It is necessary to regularly identify inactive subscribers – those who haven’t opened none of at least 10 messages during the last 3 months. You should prepare personalized offers for them.

  1. Choose appropriate time

If business owners make the majority of your database, send letters in the morning hours. During this time they typically deal with mail. If your offer is related to leisure time, it is better to send letters on Friday evenings or at weekends.

  1. Send engaging letters

Once inactive users are identified and divided into groups, an engaging content should be created for every letter. General rules are as follows:

  • Create an interesting subject of the letter. It should attract the attention of readers and make them open the letter.
  • Personalize greeting. Add the name of a recipient to the subject of the letter or at the beginning of the text.
  • Ask the subscribers’ opinion. Put a question or suggest a feedback form.
  • Offer something valuable in return. For example, a discount for the answer on your question. Inactive users could get involved with the help of contests and promo offers.
  • Suggest unsubscribing. If a person doesn’t want to receive your letters, give him (her) an opportunity to unsubscribe. Otherwise, the letters could be marked as spam.

Several letters with different variants of content could be sent to raise the prospect of engaging the audience.

  1. Give users the choice

Sometimes it is difficult to determine an optimal frequency of sending letters. Offer users to choose it by themselves (every day or once a week).

In any case each letter should be a little masterpiece which stands out against other letters received by users.

  1. Use retargeting

Facebook functions allow targeting inactive subscribers. One only needs to upload the list of necessary email addresses. Being low-cost the method is quite effective.

When reactivation campaign is finished, users which remained inactive should be determined and deleted from the database. Don’t be afraid of this step: you should dispose of the ballast. 

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