How to reduce the drudgery of managers?

How to reduce the drudgery of managers?

Nowadays Internet stores generate huge profits, and it sometimes seems that everything is settled. Admin panel and telephony are adjusted, analytics and strategy work properly, orders arrive. But nobody realizes that it is possible to earn more and to simplify the work environment by using specific applications.

It is convenient to keep to the beaten track and leave things unchanged.

But sometimes changes can bring more advantages than using the old working system.

Let’s choose proper services.

In order to create a website or a landing page, you can use such platforms as Webflow, Landingi, Tilda, Wordpress, 1C-Bitrix, Yupe (

To add an online chat or call back to the website: RedHelper, JovoSite, CallbackHunter.

To set up the function of progress tracking in a CRM system: amoCRM, retailCRM.

To optimize the work of social networks: Amplifr, SMMplanner.

To set up the messaging system: MailChimp, GetResponse.

For AB tests and report generation: Google Analytics.

To analyze the feedback: Survey Monkey or Wufoo.

Why do you need it all? Services will reduce the drudgery of managers and marketing specialists, and will allow them to spend time on important tasks. You will have ranked data on conversions and customer behaviour; opinion research will enable you to make balanced decisions, rather than improvising. 

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