How to improve your Facebook organic reach to increase sales?

How to improve your Facebook organic reach to increase sales?

The increase of sales via Facebook page is possible without extra costs on advertising. The correct approach to organic optimization will allow you to achieve desired results within an acceptable time. Let us see how to do it.

Step 1. Type and category of pages

Depending on your activity type and peculiarities of business field, you will need to choose an optimal page template. To get acquainted with functions of all templates, go to “Settings” and choose “Edit page”.

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By pressing the “Edit” button, you will get access to all templates. Choose “Show details” to find more information about each template. You can add changes to the template manually.

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The button “Add tab” will allow adding any functions absent in the template.

Step 2. Choice of the Call-to-Action (CTA) button

Call-to-Action button excellently plays the role of a motivator. However, you should factor in what is the goal of your summon and which action is required from the customer. Depending on the goal, you should choose an appropriate CTA button on the menu. Just click it.

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After choosing an appropriate option, customize the button. For example, for “Contact us” button, you will need to enter an email, or your personal page address, where other users can send you messages.

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It should be a user-friendly service that you actively use.

Step 3. How to adjust the “Shop” tab

When you sell products using a Facebook page, “Shop” tab plays a vital role. It becomes especially important when you have a wide range of offerings.

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By agreeing to Facebook trade terms and conditions, you will get access to individual settings.

The way of ordering is very important. If you have your own website with a convenient shopping basket or registration option, it would be better to forward your customers there. In such a way, you will increase conversion.

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Pay attention to the description of your company and every product. Customer will not have to search for required information on third-party resources and there will be more chances that he or she will buy the product.

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Apart from product’s characteristics, photos, video review, and price, you can add the link to the resource where the purchase can be made.

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We recommend enabling the function of automatically adding all new products to the news feed. It will allow a bigger number of potential customers to instantly find out about them. Also, pay attention to the possibility to group your products in collections, which is rather efficient.


That is just a part of possibilities available on Facebook, but they constitute the backbone of successful sales. By making all abovementioned steps, you will substantially improve your business monetization.


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