How Google changed within New Year festivities

How Google changed within New Year festivities

Within the previous few days, Google has told about new AdWords opportunities, announced the launch of free online courses and explained why the search service indexes not all of URL websites. Read details in our review.

Google manager account allows to create common list of negative keywords

Owners of Google manager accounts can create a common list of negative keywords in order to use it for all their accounts. After adding the list, one should specify companies it has to be applied to. The detailed instruction can be found in the official help.

Google started showing Rich Cards more frequently

Google mobile search results have started showing Rich Cards more often. Now, they include more than 10% of SERP. Such data were shared by RankRanger on Twitter. Indeed, specialists have analyzed the search results only for the USA.

Google indexes not all URLs on sitemap

John Mueller, Google specialist, has told at the webinar that it is a common practice. Typically, websites are not indexed because of too similar content. To solve this issue, one can apply rel=canonical attribute. Owners of major websites should divide the sitemap in order to avoid this problem.

One can learn how to work with AdWords for free

On January 30, Google will launch a free online course on working with contextual advertising. Within three weeks, participants will learn about main Google AdWords tools, settings and types of advertising campaigns, as well as about how to solve certain business tasks using AdWords. The course will be completed by the examination and certificate issuing. You can register for participation following the link:

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