Instagram for marketers: useful facts

Instagram for marketers: useful facts

Instagram audience is constantly growing, and the number of new advertizing possibilities is also increasing. Using facts and numbers we are going to tell why marketer should pay attention to this social network.

Audience and countries

In December 2016, Instagram had 600 million users, and 300 million of them use the network every day.

Each day people share 95 million photos and videos.

More that 80% of Instagram users live outside the USA.

The number of female is higher: 31% vs. 21%.

32% of users live in cities, while 28% – in suburbs.

Users by countries:

  1. USA – 19.22%;
  2. Russia – 8.84%;
  3. Brazil – 5.43%;
  4. Turkey – 5.4%;
  5. UK – 3.97%.

Instagram has financially reliable audience:

  • 27% of users earn $30-49 thousand per year;
  • 30% of users earn $50-74 thousand per year;
  • 26% of users earn more than $75 thousand per year.

Main changes in Instagram in 2016:

  • new algorithm for news feed formation;
  • prompt translation function;
  • possibility to filter comments;
  • introduction of Instagram Stories;
  • launch of live broadcasts.

Instagram and brands

Last year, Instagram has received $1.53 billion in revenue from advertising. By 2018, its revenues will grow by 18%.

Instagram is used by 48.8% of brands. In 2017, this figure will increase up to 70.7%.

50% of social network users are subscribed to one brand at least.

5% of users go to advertiser's website, after reading an inspiring post.

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