Gambling business in Kazakhstan: specificity of work and ways of development

Gambling business in Kazakhstan: specificity of work and ways of development

Gaming zones in Kazakhstan is one of the most successful examples of the gambling market localization in the CIS countries. Today, there are more than four dozen gambling halls, operating casinos and many betting shops. However, investments into the gaming industry are smooth and growing due to low prices on licenses and a steady stream of players.

Therefore, to promote the further development of the industry and to conduct a full discussion of the peculiarities of the gambling industry, we will hold the first Gaming Congress Kazakhstan on August 20, 2015. The event will take place in one of the leading casinos in Kapchagai gaming zone, which is located near Almaty, the largest city of Kazakhstan.

It is worth noting that today this is the only place, bringing together representatives of the gambling business in the country.

The event will bring together:

Administrators, managers and top management of casinos;
Owners of hotel and tourism business;
Owners and developers of online platforms;
Large developers who specialize in this field;
Manufacturers and suppliers of gaming equipment;
Betting companies;

In order to set the pace and develop a constructive dialogue between the participants of the Congress, we will organize a conference within the event where experts and entrepreneurs directly involved in the gambling field of both Kazakhstan and the near abroad will make their reports.

What will be discussed at the congress?

Mechanism and specificity of online gambling;
Legislative regulation and taxation of gambling business in Kazakhstan;
How to attract players to casinos: shows and entertainment programs as a lever for influencing;
Success stories and tricks of creating a successful casino from owners of the largest casinos in Kazakhstan;
Analysis of gambling zones in Kazakhstan: how to choose the most profitable area;
Modernization methods of lotteries to increase their popularity;
Approaches to attract investors to casinos.

Moreover, Gaming Congress will involve a demo area where guests will be able to see the latest technologies in the gambling industry, as well as to find reliable suppliers, contractors and partners.

Welcome to Gaming Congress in Kazakhstan!

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