Gallery-Systems CJSC President will share his knowledge at RACE’ 2013

Gallery-Systems CJSC President will share his knowledge at RACE’ 2013

This autumn, one of the industry pioneers and Gallery-Systems CJSC President, Richard Bezjian will participate in RACE’2013 conference. Mr. Bezjian will be a speaker at the affiliate programs and marketing conference, presenting a report:

«On the road of life changing shopping experience»

Our new speaker, Richard Bezjian, has been working at Digital Equipment (DEC) headquarters in Massachusetts in the design and engineering teams. He developed Graphic Software, Chartman, which has become the first Business Graphics application for the IBM PC. Chartman became one of the best-selling applications for the IBM PC. The company reached breakeven within 6 months.

Mr. Bezjian and his teams pioneered and developed many other applications such as spreadsheets, databases, word processors, and others. One of his company’s software systems were used by NASA in the space program.

He started a development team in Armenia to develop applications which were sold in USA. They pioneered many new applications in Web and E-Commerce, Security, and others. Several received awards. His development teams have worked with well-known clients such as Oracle, AOL, Atos, Atos Worldline, Shell Oil and others.

Mr. Bezjian’s development teams are recognized as one of the best in IT and engineering. In the past 5 years they have worked in Mobile technologies and developed mobile Banking and Mobile Commerce application named DOOCAT.

Pretty soon, 11th to 12th of September, ECC “Sokolniki” will gather not only famous and experienced professionals, but specialists from all over the world to speak at RACE’2013 affiliate programs and marketing conference.

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