The enormous webmaster commission raise from Е!

The enormous webmaster commission raise from Е!

All webmasters involved in essay writing will get significantly higher commission this year.

What is Еdu-affiliates?

Еdu-affiliates - is a company that specializeson essay writing services (read more). It assists thousands of English-speaking students around the globe. 

  • privacy as in a Swiss bank;
  • the uniqueness of each text line;
  • the quality of work is impeccable, at its best;

That is why 99.2% of the customers are satisfied with the service and come back for more.

What are the benefits of Edu-affiliates for webmasters this year?

Excellent earnings - higher than ever before. Now, the service gives webmasters the first half of the amount of each order to attract students and 20% - from all the following orders.
Webmasters-workaholics (200+ clients per month) will be offered more favorable conditions.
Below, we describe in detail how to get the most money from the affiliate program Edu-affiliates.

Increasing student’s traffic

Students are not only lazy, but also fastidious. Essay-writing is not the only service Edu-affiliates can offer. The task of the resource – to deserve trust. To do this, we must:

  • complete all orders on-time;
  • create a unique work, because students caught plagiarizing will not become our best friends.

Upon that, advertising services become problematic: essay-writing does not violate the law, but glooms the ideal picture of the world in which the learning process should be proceeded according to the rules.

How to find the cushy customers? The most effective way to do that – through the search results. The process can be used by:

  • informational resources;
  • websites with service reviews;
  • websites that collect service ratings;
  • sites with coupon codeslists.

We recommend optimizing for low and medium requests those websites, which participate in the affiliate program.

In Еdu-affiliates, you will find out the most interesting shticks for webmaster to get the maximum earnings.
As a bonus, you will get packs of promotional materials, keys, themes for wordpress, price calculators and many other helpful tools.

And more specifically? Affiliate Edu-affiliates and income figures

The average amount for the order of the service is $ 130. Let’s calculate:

  1. 50% is for webmasters, that is $ 65 for the first order.
  2. You have generated 300 new sales – getting 300 × 65 = $ 19 500 for the first sales of the attracted students.
  3. It gets better and better as it goes on: practice shows that a student satisfied by the purchase comes at least four times, and webmaster receives 20% of every reorder. That is, an average attracted customer brings webmaster 130 * 0.5 + 3 * (130 * 0.2) = $ 143, respectively, three hundreds of students - 300 - 114 = $ 42,900.

Decent, right?
So, the webmasters will be divided into two types this year: some will be employed in essay-writing and receive up to 50% commission from each order, while others will have malignant envy.
There is one fine point left - a timely and technically correct grasp of new opportunities.

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