Only one of the three Runet marketers uses targeting to increase number of conversions from incoming traffic, at this majority uses only basic features for audience analytics without further segmentation and optimization of outgoing traffic. So for now talking about directed targeting of mobile traffic is certainly complicated.

Therefore, we are proud to present RACE Gold Sponsor - clickBakers, specializing working with mobile and web traffic.

At the exhibition it will present a simple and effective service for traffic segmentation that works "out of the box" and covers at once all currently existing tools for traffic optimization and analysis.

The platform offers:

  • advanced targeting tools for all types of online traffic including mobile, tablet, IPTV and desktop 
  • precise mobile carrier targeting with accurate and exclusive database of IP ranges from mobile operators worldwide 
  • effortless optimization with simple to set up A/B testing, real time redirects and flexible campaign rules
  • progressive tools to improve traffic performance with analytics, segmentation, targeting and optimization all in one place without unnecessary plugins and third-party solutions.

Moreover, during its presentation at RACE clickBakers team will tell visitors aboutprinciples of service operation and will provide advanced techniques for mobile traffictargeting.

Register for RACE to learn more about methods of target audience segmenting!

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