Getting Inspired: 5 Ideas to Help Refresh Your Ad Copy

Getting Inspired: 5 Ideas to Help Refresh Your Ad Copy

Refreshing ad copy is one of those optimization tasks that I have a very bad habit of putting off. For me, writing ad copy requires a certain Zen -- a deep concentration and focused frame of mind. And let's be honest -- when you're trying to manage PPC campaigns every day, it's tough to tap into that creative mojo when you need to.

And sometimes you can struggle coming up with different ways to say the same thing. Or trying to come with a different spin on how to present your product. All within the headline and two 35-character description lines of text. It can be challenging.

But it's important to not to use the same old ad copy. Writing great PPC copy means keeping your ad copy fresh. Even if your ads have a good CTR -- you should always look for ways to make them better.

So how to come up with new ideas for ad copy? Below are 5 ways to get some creative and different ideas:

1) Pay Attention to Commercials

We often find commercials insanely annoying -- but they can be a great way to see how advertisers are messaging their products. Next time you're watching TV, pay closer attention to the commercials and see if you can glean some new phrases or tagline ideas.

2) Check Out Online Advertising Sites

Going to advertising sites can provide interesting insights on the latest ads and creative. Not only do you get updates on the latest in advertising news, but they provide some of their showcased work on their sites.

Below is an example of an ad from Adroit Digital that creatively uses its name in the ad, but also has great tag lines:

Here are some advertising sites that can help inspire you:

3) Look at Competitors

Hey - it doesn't hurt to see what your competitors are doing! In doing a search on "wedding invitations," while incorporating offers such as free shipping and discounts is important, sometimes adding another word such as "stylish" or the phrase "make it yours" can resonate more with a prospective customer.

4) Read...

Magazines are a good way to get creative ideas -- check out this example from Dunkin Donuts:

While the association of a smoothie and a scary snack isn't something most of us would connect together, it does result in a very unique message.

5) Don't forget site links and callouts

When updating your ad copy, don't forget to revisit your site links and callouts. Changing your ad copy may result in your site links and callouts needing to be changed. And incorporating callouts into your message can help create a more relevant and compelling ad.

Are you feeling more energized to write new ad copy?


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