4 unexpected ways to increase the number of leads

4 unexpected ways to increase the number of leads

More! Need more leads! It is a common desire in the work of partners and entrepreneurs. So, today we offer four unexpected ways that will definitely improve lead generation.

#1. Use other people's resources

In any sphere, there are enough information channels that may not be a direct competitor to your product or service, but at the same time have the right target audience. For instance, communities in social networks, YouTube channels, portals, forums, etc.

# 2. Epic page 404

The error page (“Not Found”), better known as “page 404”, can easily help in increasing leads, although it does not allow users to get to the destination.

If you design the 404 page creatively, it will be well ingrained in the user's mind together with the resource itself. The user will definitely come back to evaluate the working resource: what will the website feature, if even a non-working page is outside the box?

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# 3. Real evidence

A great way to increase the trust of the target audience to the brand and increase lead generation is to show the product in action. How did it help those who used it? Due to what the product was able to achieve the desired result? It is important to show not pictures “before” and “after”, but an intermediate process. Good option here is video review and video instruction.

#4. Comparison with competitors

A well-known fact: cognition comes through comparison. That's why the scales icon (the “compare” button) is so good on the websites of online stores. But this life hack can be used in any business using a simple presentation.

If you look at your product and the competitor's one from the user's perspective, you will find a good way to increase leads. The main thing is to be honest with the audience: no matter how much you want to conceal your shortcomings and advantages of your competitor, this information should also be mentioned.

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