How To Capitalize On The World Cup

Tuesday, 10 June, 2014 - 15:27

The FIFA World Cup is almost here. The craze starts on June 12 and will go on for over a month, concluding on July 13.

What this means for affiliates are great opportunities for some seasonal profits and a way to reach new audiences – people who aren’t normally all that interested in gambling.

Here are some of the things you can do to get World Cup traffic:

1. Targeted Display Ads

This tactic is all about placing your ads on sports news sites and other football-related sites covering the World Cup.

That way, you’ll get in front of people interested in the tournament itself and the teams. Even though those people might not necessarily be into betting, for events like the World Cup, everyone wants to support their favorite team once in a while, so it’s a great way to introduce them to sports betting.

2. Facebook Hook Pages

Like with most events, Facebook is going to be the main place where people will meet and voice their support or anger with teams and match-ups.

One way of capitalizing on this is by creating fan pages for teams, match-ups and even individual players. And then promoting affiliate offers through them.

3. Targeted Facebook Ads

One of the ways you can leverage Facebook advertising this season is by targeting avid fans. Specifically:

national teams’ fans,

individual players’ fans,

league teams’ fans.

You can direct your ads both to fan pages, or your own website.

4. Advertise Your Predictions

What people are really hot for during the World Cup season is all kinds of predictions and info on who will win and why.

Here’s a good example by Top Bet. In it, they go through group E and share their opinion on who is the most likely to win.

The key here is to showcase your data and not just speculate. People won’t fall for that. Of course, promote various affiliate offers along the way.

5. Advertise a Custom Betting Guide

Introducing some content marketing might be a profitable thing to do for the World Cup.

Here’s one of the possibilities:

Compile a step-by-step guide on the top betting strategies for the World Cup.

Give it an attractive visual form, so people know it’s not something hastily put together.

Include affiliate offers in the exact places where they fit.

Publish the thing on your site.

Advertise it on Facebook and other platforms.

6. Capitalize on Anti-Fans

People love their favorite teams. But the same people hate most of the other teams, especially if they’re about to face them in the tournament.

So you can use all of the above strategies to target anti-fans. For example, instead of creating a Facebook page for people who love the Brazil national team, create a page for those who are not that fond of it.

Warning. Depending on how far you take it, Facebook may take your page down.

7. Use Tumblr Blogs

Tumblr has grown immensely in popularity over the last couple of years. The platform is well known for its love of animated GIFs on virtually any topic.

The World Cup fits nicely here because you have the possibility to create your own GIFs showcasing goals or other related situations.

Also, Tumblr has a huge community itself, so you might be able to get some organic traction.


Getting some World Cup traffic is mostly all about timing. If you start your campaigns soon enough (read: today), you can hope for some great results.


The only downside is that whatever campaign you launch will naturally meet its end on July 13.

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