6-7 October 2016 Russian Affiliate Congress & Expo 2015 - Fifth International Affiliate Congress and Expo
Russian Affiliate Congress & Expo 2015 - Fifth International Affiliate Congress and Expo 6-7 October 2016 Registration
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About the Exhibition

RACE opens its participants unlimited possibilities for disclosure of commercial potential of their companies and search for fundamentally new opportunities and prospects for business.

Why is RACE a must-attend event?
For a participant of affiliate programs market, to become a part of the profile B2B event is not only prestigious, especially if it is the best industry event on this topic, but also good for business. Why is that?
Participation in RACE is an opportunity to present its product to the consumer and obtain feedback without going through the effort of expensive researches as well as a great way to evaluate projects of competitors and make new important contacts.
RACE involves face-to-face communication with people of the business world who earn via affiliate programs, and, as a result, obtaining interesting information from the industry "sharks".

Participation in Russian Affiliate Congress and Expo is your chance to:
1. O
pen new market niches.
2. S
howcase your company projects and activities, as well as to check their competitiveness.
3. A
cquire information about the product export/import opportunities.
4. L
earn about the industry developments.
5. Expore
 the industry trends.
Meet with Russian and foreign colleagues.
Get access to new markets.
8. C
ombine participation in the exhibition with the educational program (conferences, seminars, etc.).
Establish new business contacts and strengthen relationships with your customers and partners.
10. M
eet with Russian and foreign investors and secure funding for your projects.
11. F
ind the end-users interested in buying your product.
Visit the business agenda events and acquire new knowledge.
Discuss pressing issues and share experiences with leading domestic and foreign market players.
Obtain reliable information about the present and future of affiliate marketing in Russia, the CIS and other countries.
Promote your company's image in the market.
Learn about the steps that need to be taken today to secure your future business development.

- webmasters;
- bloggers;
- owners of Internet  resources;
- SMM/SEO professionals;
- online marketers;
- active social networkers;
- media planning and buying specialists;
- account managers of trading companies, advertising, media and PR agencies, production studios;
- owners, managers, brand management and marketing experts of manufacturing and distribution companies;
managers and owners of affiliate programs;
- advertisers.

Expo Working Hours
08.10.2015 - 10:00 - 18:00 
09.10.2015 - 10:00 - 18:0

*Booth Design Recommendations
Booth design methods are constantly improving. Some novelties are adopted to be used in the booth design for a long time, some come to fascinate visitors only once and go. Therefore, it is impossible to formulate general recommendations. The exhibitor’s main task is to differ from others.
Priority is the selection of an advantageous location in the pavilion. Each exhibit area, the pavilion, has specific features, and the exhibition booths effective for one exhibition may not work for another. According to the general rules, the visitors usually move counterclockwise from the periphery to the center. Hence the most advantageous location for your exhibition booth is on the right of the entrance to the pavilion and in its center. The flow of visitors will also be determined by the location of exclusive exhibition booths of the market leaders and companies conducting free lotteries and presentations. Do not place your booth away from the central passages and entrances, behind the big columns, load-bearing elements, etc., in the back of the additional hall of the exhibition pavilion, etc. The proximity of the booth to toilet rooms also has its obvious drawbacks, but in practice it can sometimes help achieve unexpected results.

Presentation RACE 2015 Рекомендации по застройке для участников RACE


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