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7 October 2016 Russian Affiliate Congress 2016 - Fifth International Affiliate Programs And Marketing Congress
Russian Affiliate Congress 2016 - Fifth International Affiliate Programs And Marketing Congress 7 October 2016 Moscow
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About the event

Russian Affiliate Congress 2016 is the fifth international affiliate programs and marketing congress.


The congress focuses on bringing together experts, professionals, startup companies’ representatives, specialists requiring knowledge, innovators in the affiliate marketing area:   



for lively communication, experience sharing, new knowledge obtaining, industry issues discussions, determining the best affiliate marketing players. 



RACE has changed its format in favor of more efficient communication, obtaining knowledge and useful information: 



♦ EXHIBITION is becoming a demo zone where exhibitors will be able to be within their working atmosphere, comfortable for signing agreements and contracts, communication and experience sharing.   

♦ CONFERENCE is providing an opportunity to obtain quality traffic of information, knowledge, and positive experience from experts’ presentations.
Special RACErs* will share a considerable amount of information with the audience.   

♦ PARTY-RACE is the evening party where communications and establishing relationship are going at full drive in music stream.  

♦ RACE AWARDS is the annual award ceremony of the honorable participants of the affiliate marketing area.  




RACE advantages:


1. We are an impartial player of affiliate marketing:



2. Congress speakers are foreign experts and the best national specialists:



3. A focus and turning point of RACE: professional knowledge, practical use, strategic planning, complex approach to learning and using of congress information, prospects of affiliate business development and monetization, rather than an advertising interaction. 


4. Each stage of the event provides informal business communication: within the conference, in the demo zone, at the award ceremony and within evening PARTY-RACE.     



RACE is an affiliate marketing movement gathering to discuss trends, issues, affiliate marketing everyday affairs, experience sharing, as well as to determine the best RACErs, tell about the company, products, find partners and define competitors.   


RACErs* –participants of the congress.